CFP: Getting There 2

Contributed by Brian Croxall Digital Humanities Strategist and Lecturer of English at Emory
May 08, 2012
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Picture of a road in the winter

We are soliciting content for a new “Getting There” section of #Alt-Academy, edited by Dr. Brian Croxall. Like the first “Getting There” cluster, this will provide a venue for discussing the pathways that one may take to an alt-ac track, and provide “signposts” for others who are curious about alt-ac. 

Contributions to the cluster may include any of the following:

  • reflections on the decisions and circumstances that lead or led to alternative academic work
  • the education and training of graduate students
  • consideration of the practices that prepare one to be successful on the alt-ac track
  • suggestions for overcoming barriers to effective preparation for alt-ac work
  • critical essays, personal narratives, or general “alt-ac advice”

While we expect most submissions for this CFP will take the form of original essays, the #alt-academy project welcomes other forms of participation and media: YouTube videos, diaries, materials from panels or workshops, tweets tagged with #altacadvice, previously published blog posts, and more.

Given the participants in the first iteration of #alt-academy, many of the contributions are slanted towards those working within the digital humanities. While welcoming further contributions from those within that community of practice, we are particular eager to see abstracts from those working elsewhere in the academy.

#alt-academy accepts new contributions at any time. However, we know deadlines make it easier for all of us to get things done. As such, please send abstracts to the cluster's editor by 17 November 2012. Drafts of essays will be expected by 1 February 2013 but will certainly be welcome before that point. Individual pieces for the “Getting There 2″ cluster will probably be published as they are completed.

Contributing to #alt-academy is a bit unusual. But so is the nature of our work.