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Katina Rogers
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Managing Editor, MLA Commons
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Modern Language Association
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I am managing editor of MLA Commons, the Modern Language Association’s online platform designed to foster collaboration and discussion among members, as well as new modes of scholarly publishing. 

Prior to starting with the MLA in September 2013, I was Senior Research Specialist with the Scholarly Communication Institute, a Mellon-funded humanities think tank that operated out of the University of Virginia Library's Scholars' Lab. My research focused on humanities scholars working in alternative academic careers, higher education reform, and new modes of scholarly production. I also contributed to the development of the Praxis Network, a multi-institutional and international effort geared toward sharing model programs and experiments in humanities methodological training.

My past work also includes contributions to the strategic development of the Digital Information Technology program at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and teaching language and literature courses at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where I completed my PhD in Comparative Literature in 2010.


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