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Where can young people go for refuge? (Open letter to the Principle ...

Courtni Webb, one of your 17 year old high school students, is now facing the possibility of being expelled from your school after writing a poem about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In the poem Courtni wrote she understood why someone like Adam Lanza might do what he did. She wasn’t agreeing with it, but in her poem said she understood the oppression in society that could cause such a tragedy. ... read more »

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Thoughts on Art Appreciation

The only way to respond to someone who looks at a piece of artwork saying “Even I could do that”, is to say back, “But you didn’t.”

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Thoughts on Doing

Have to use doubts as fuel, as if every time we don’t do because of doubts, we wouldn’t do much at all.

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Thoughts on a Day

Meditation for today, which was a very particular day:

With great adversity comes great strength, and the capacity to Love, and to be Loved. From sorrow, sow seeds made of tears to grow Hope, Faithfulness, Strength and Wisdom. When such times do not make sense, let Faith be your comfort.  JAH Blessings. Villages of Love. X ... read more »

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My complaint to the BBC – (Olympics 2012 – the timing of the race ...

10 August 2012 ... read more »

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Paying homage to historical educational links

On this day of the Graduation of my students, I want to say thanks to Les Mills, who interviewed me for my place at Newport Uni  (now University of College Wales Newport) in 1993, and accepted me onto the Film & Photography degree. ... read more »

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New website of my films, photography, text and things……

Please visit my new website ‘Shawn Sobers – Visual Anthropology’ at

Thank you.  I hope you enjoy it. ... read more »

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THE DAY ANGELS WEPT: Ideology, Television and Rodney King

Written in 1995 when I was in my second year of my undergraduate degree, I wrote this essay about Rodney King, the LA riots, and the role of the media. I thought it was apt to upload it here today, on the day of Rodney King’s death.




  ... read more »

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PhotoPhone Wallpaper Task – Day 9

This may well be the final entry for the phone wallpaper experiment with my daughter.

She said she doesn’t want to do it anymore as she sometimes forgets, which is a shame. It was fun whilst it lasted. She still wants to use my phone to take pictures but not in a regular way, just when the mood takes her. That I completely relate to and sympathise with, which is completely fair enough. She is only eight years old. ... read more »

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The Joy of Reading

I was upset I couldn’t get a closer shot using my Blackberry getting the cover of the book much clearer, but I still like the scene.

He was seriously reading the newspaper.

She was seriously reading ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.

Maybe she’s a member of a book club, or finally getting around to seeing what all the fuss is about. Whatever her motivation for picking up the book, she definitely seemed to be enjoying it, concentrating on the words, ignoring me and others around her. ... read more »