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New website of my films, photography, text and things……

Please visit my new website ‘Shawn Sobers – Visual Anthropology’ at

Thank you.  I hope you enjoy it. ... read more »

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THE DAY ANGELS WEPT: Ideology, Television and Rodney King

Written in 1995 when I was in my second year of my undergraduate degree, I wrote this essay about Rodney King, the LA riots, and the role of the media. I thought it was apt to upload it here today, on the day of Rodney King’s death.




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PhotoPhone Wallpaper Task – Day 9

This may well be the final entry for the phone wallpaper experiment with my daughter.

She said she doesn’t want to do it anymore as she sometimes forgets, which is a shame. It was fun whilst it lasted. She still wants to use my phone to take pictures but not in a regular way, just when the mood takes her. That I completely relate to and sympathise with, which is completely fair enough. She is only eight years old. ... read more »

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The Joy of Reading

I was upset I couldn’t get a closer shot using my Blackberry getting the cover of the book much clearer, but I still like the scene.

He was seriously reading the newspaper.

She was seriously reading ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.

Maybe she’s a member of a book club, or finally getting around to seeing what all the fuss is about. Whatever her motivation for picking up the book, she definitely seemed to be enjoying it, concentrating on the words, ignoring me and others around her. ... read more »

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PhotoPhone Wallpaper task – Day 8

She was walking up ahead, stopped, ran back for my phone, took this picture, and silently gave me back the phone.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Looks like a skull in the ground.”



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PhotoPhone Wallpaper -Day 7

Two things she really *likes at the moment, (*she might say ‘loves’, but if I heard that I’d have to correct her, but that’s my socialist baggage!!). Her ‘Build-a-Bear’ rabbit called Lucky, and her bean bag, both of which she got for her birthday back in January. ... read more »

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PhotoPhone Wallpaper Task – Day 6

So we went out for another walk in the park, and again ventured into overgrown and un-chartered areas we had never been to before. This time it was a bit more off the beaten track, and into the shadows of the trees. In typical style, she ‘rode’ her bike, and then I had to push it everywhere. ... read more »

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26 February, 2012 13:54

The weekend enables us to get out the house together, and for youngest to take a photograph not confined within the four corners of the house. (I may change the rules of this photo game to be weekends only.)

Yesterday we went for a long walk through the local park which leads into surrounding fields and nature walks. We’ve lived here for four years but there are still many places we have to explore. ... read more »

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PhotoPhone wallpaper task – day 4

This morning she took a photograph of her older sister’s new waterpump, because she likes it and reminds her of at-Bristol science centre. (I used to work there before she was born.)

Her sister bought it last week, when out with her Aunt Fay during half term. The next morning she wanted me to help her make it, but guiltily I had to tell her I had to go to work, that us people who teach in universities don’t get the same school holidays. (Next year I must make myself in charge of timetabling!). ... read more »

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PhotoPhone wallpaper task – day 3

Another photograph of a flat piece of paper. I’ve told her this has to be the last one of this style, at least for a while anyway.

For today’s photo she captured a detail from a poster she bought on Sunday, about the Solar System. It was £2 and she used her own money. When she asked me if she could buy it, I of course said “yes”, and was secretly pleased it was educational and not a poster of Bruno Mars. ... read more »