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Roots & Wings Photography – Press Release

I have some photography work in this exhibition.  The show tours Crawley, Barbados and Brighton throughout 2012.

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Marginalia – Notes in Books (Shoot 3)

“There remains a woeful lack of critical analysis of capitalism here.”
Book owned and notes by Graham Bottrill ... read more »

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WORDS INSIDE: Books, Marginalia and Technology

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Review of Shooting Youth photography exhibition at Knowle West Media ...

In Roland Barthes famous book about photography, Camera Lucida, the French theorist writes, “Ultimately, photography is subversive, not when it frightens, repels, or even stigmatizes, but when it is pensive, when it thinks.... read more »

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The irrelevance of The Sun newspaper in today’s British society

Front page of every paper is about the hacking scandal and Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation as head of the Metropolitan Police Force.   All except The Sun, which has The Beckhams’ baby in a huge photo, with just a tiny mention of this story. In the future The Sun should not dare ever complain about the low levels of education in this country, as they are the prime promoters of keeping British society ignorant and uneducated.

Here’s the headlines;

The Times“Forced Out” ... read more »

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On Behaviour Management in schools

A good friend of mine asked for my opinion on behaviour management in schools,  where’s what I said;

The first thing that always springs to mind when I hear the term ‘Behaviour management’, is the sad vision of children being contained and restrained -
their movements being limited so as not to affect anyone else. The problem with
that is the root problem or cause isn’t being addressed, it is merely being
‘managed’ until the school bell goes, and same again the next day, until they
eventually leave or get kicked out. ... read more »

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What to do with a problem named Rebekah

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Michael Gove’s sniper attack on schools (Once a week news pic)

Image produced by Shawn Sobers for Once a Week News Pic series.
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Winterbourne View: care home newsletter (Once a week news pic, plus ...

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

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