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Michael Gove’s sniper attack on schools (Once a week news pic)

Image produced by Shawn Sobers for Once a Week News Pic series.
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Winterbourne View: care home newsletter (Once a week news pic, plus ...

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

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The Wisdom of Gil Scott Heron – Message To The Messengers

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Obama visits the UK – (Once a Week News series)

Obama photo by Pete Souza – copyright remains
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What Ryan Giggs would like to do to Twitter – Once a week news picture

Once a week news pic

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Stop the Stokes Croft Bristol violence, enough is enough! (more ...

More trouble in Stokes Croft again last night!  I feel the protesters have done more damage to the area than a Tesco Metro ever could. I know the arguments about globalisation blah blah but this is over the top! I don’t agree with the police tactics and heavy handed way they are evicting the squat, and Tesco haven’t helped themselves with their bullying tactics, but this is no longer about the wishes of local people, but the ego of outside agitators! Sad times! ;-( ... read more »

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Bristol police miss opportunity to work with community filmmakers to ...

See below the latest street news video by the South Blessed Community Channel, as a follow-up to their anti-Tesco film, (see previous post).  Last night the local police used vans and deployed a helicopter to stop the screening of a film in a park about last week’s riots.  When the screening moved to a local house, at first the police then attempted to stop that happening too.  Surely the ... read more »

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Stokes Croft Bristol riots (squat eviction / anti-Tesco) – 21 April 2011

As documented by local media organisation South-Blessed Community Channel

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Missing persons reportage in the traditional press and social media ...

The following is a reply I sent to Rachel MacPherson, a journalism student from University of the West of Scotland.  She was writing her dissertation on the media’s representation of victims of crime, in particular missing person cases, and read my post about Serena Beakhurst and wanted my opinion.  I provided answers to her questions, as shown below.  The topic i ... read more »

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Signs of Times – placards of student protest (The Musical)

Photographs taken during the first student & lecturer march against the ConDem rise in tuition fees, November 10th 2010.  A one stop shop for all your student placard slogan needs.

All photography by me – Shawn Sobers
Music by Musical Youth – original copyright remains
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