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BLADE and the Foundations of Marvel’s Superhero Movie Empire

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A List Of Top 10 Best WordPress (WP) Personal Blog Themes 2017!

In the current year and the near future, it is highly important that one maintains a blog for their business. Not only must the content in such a venture be of high-quality, but it must also be presented in a suitable theme. This way, you can be sure of catching your viewers’ attention as well as maintaining a proper backdrop to your work.

If you’re currently working with WordPress as a platform for your blog, you’re in luck! WordPress offers a multitude of free and paid themes that could really turn your blog around. Check out some of the best of these below: ... read more »

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The Power in Our Pockets: How Self Imaging is Altering Our Spirituality

How do smart phones enhance or inhibit our spirituality/religion? As a parent and a professor, this question has driven my research for the past five years.  After initially focusing upon the iGods who dominate our daily digital activities, I’ve shifted towards a study of self-imagining and how digital versions of ourselves may be altering our spirituality and lived religion. ... read more »

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Hypervincle's use in webcomic

Webcomics have created a new narrative, because they are linked to the digital medium and it was necessary a new way to communicate, some of those narrative mechanisms, have been able to trespass the frontiers between the digital comic and the one traditionally published. ... read more »

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The infinite canvas

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The infinite canvas

The intranet has allowed different creators to problematize the narration paradigm established, in very diverse ways, not only with words, but also graphically. When authors realized that there were no walls in the web, they were able to produce different reading experiences, challenging the traditional pagination, creating, among others, the concept of infinite canvas, that sees the internet pagination as a theoretical infinite and that allows a continuity. ... read more »

Whitewashing (and) Asian American Audiences

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0Ll7gt0meuU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> ... read more »

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The Infusion of Digital Humanities in the Secondary Education ...


The Possibilities ... read more »

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The Chappelle Show and Alternative Facts as an Ego-Defensive Strategy

In 2003, Dave Chappelle released a daring sketch comedy on the Chappelle Show titled, “The Black White Supremacist”. It shows a Black blind man that has grown up believing he was a White man. He turns into the most extreme White supremacist and radically speaks anti-Black profanity all the while thinking he is a White man. [Full video is available here (Strong Language): http://www.vulture.com/2016/02/on-chappelles-show-black-white-supremacist-skit.html] ... read more »