An experiment: Posting reviewer comments

Clancy Ratliff's picture
I'm not actually asking anyone to do this, but here's a thought experiment. For journals with traditional blind review, how many of you (as authors) would feel comfortable posting your manuscript along with the reviewers' comments, assuming you've contacted the journal and they've secured the reviewers' permission? If you're a reviewer, would you feel comfortable if the author posted your comments on his/her site without asking you before you reviewed the manuscript -- in other words, asking you after you'd already written your comments? If the answer is no for either question, why not? For my part, I am a regular reviewer for two journals: New Media & Society and the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. It would be perfectly fine with me if a manuscript author posted my comments as part of an in-public revision project. My comments are collegial and constructive, and I never assume that the author and journal editors are the only ones reading them. My reviews have audiences I can't predict. The same goes if I'm the author: I'd feel comfortable posting my work and the comments I got on it. At MediaCommons, I'm not sure we've talked about this specific set of questions before, and it might be good to do so if we're planning on a public review process.