BPR3: Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting

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Maybe some of you were already familiar with this project, but in case not, I just heard about BPR3. It seems, in some ways, to have goals similar to MediaCommons', though the contributors to BPR3 will be writing reviews of books and articles in all kinds of journals and edited collections, both in print and online (I think). Here's a list of goals from a recent post by Dave Munger, founder of BPR3:
1. To establish standards for online discussion, cataloging, and citation of peer-reviewed research; 2. To improve the visibility and status of weblogs and other sites that thoughtfully discuss peer-reviewed research; 3. To produce and manage a central web site where readers can locate weblog posts, online discussions, journal articles, and other information about academic research, and which other institutions can use to provide other services to the public and the research community; 4. To provide a forum for researchers and the public to discuss and collaborate on research projects; 5. To promote the discussion and dissemination of peer-reviewed research; 6. To educate and inform the public about academic research; 7. To engage in other activities related to the discussion, dissemination, and education about peer-reviewed research.
I'm now curious to talk to Dave more about collaboration opportunities.


Sure, talk away! Send me an

Sure, talk away!

Send me an email and I can give you some details our behind-the-scenes development efforts.

Would they need something

Would they need something like a grant is free money? I think it would be very helpful in every situation. Especially for the research reporting.