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MediaCommons is thrilled to announce the release of #Alt-Academy, an open-access collection of essays, dialogues, and personal narratives on the subject of alternative academic careers for humanities scholars.

Initial contributors include Willard McCarty, Julia Flanders, Anne Whisnant, Rafael Alvarado, Julie Meloni, Lisa Spiro, Doug Reside, Tanya Clement, Hugh Cayless, Tom Scheinfeldt, Amanda Gailey, Dot Porter, Joe Gilbert, Wayne Graham, Eric Johnson, Dorothea Salo, Sheila Brennan, Jeremy Boggs, Sharon Leon, Brian Croxall, Arno Bosse, Miranda Swanson, Joanne Berens, Amanda Watson, Patricia Hswe, Amanda French, Christa Williford, Suzanne Fischer, Patrick Murray-John, Vika Zafrin, Shana Kimball, and James Cummings. Gardner Campbell and Tim Powell will provide invited commentary in the coming weeks, and the project’s general editor is Bethany Nowviskie. ... read more »

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#Alt-Ac: Alternative Academic Careers for Humanities Scholars

MediaCommons — a community-driven digital scholarly network developed with support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, New York University Libraries, and the Institute for the Future of the Book — is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of “#alt-ac: Alternative Academic Careers for Humanities Scholars,” edited by Bethany Nowviskie of the University of Virginia Library Scholars’ Lab. “#Alt-ac” will be published online, in open-access format, in the model of MediaCommons’ successful project, “The New Everyday.” ... read more »