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Cultural Identity in Mass Media Remixes

Between headlines on Twitter bemoaning President Trump doomsday scenarios, one lighter tweet caught my eye: “ ... read more »

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Community and Dan Harmon’s Imploding Author Function

The television-obsessed corner of the Internets is burning up with discussion of Friday’s late TV news: Sony ousted Dan Harmon as Community showrunner. ... read more »

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Complex TV: Authorship

I’m happy to announce that the next chapter of Complex TV has been posted. It’s focused on Authorship in contemporary serial television, and I think it’s all never-before-published material. I’ve been giving a talk based on this chapter for this spring, and have been really happy with the conversation it provokes – and I do intend the chapter’s conclusion as a provocation in a number of ways. I look forward to reading people’s comments and feedback on the MediaCommons site. ... read more »

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Authorship, intentionality and intelligent design