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3rd Cinema Screening Room #2: Average Journey For An Average Refugee

Continuing the theme of Third Cinema films coming out of community media, please see the film below.  It is based on a true story, and by a pure coincidence relates to the discussion of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ that I explored in the previous post, though the film has a very different conclusion.

Average Journey For An Average Refugee ... read more »

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The rise of Pirate Radio in the UK [text and theme song]

Extract from ‘History of Community Media – Literature Review Part 1′ – Shawn Sobers (c) 2010 ... read more »

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Community Media as ‘Third Cinema’

I haven’t written here much lately as I had to put all my writing energy into finishing writing my PhD, which is now done, (the viva in May, wish me luck!!!).  There are a few places I want to take my research further in the future, one of which is to develop the discourse of positioning the films made in community media educational projects as a form of ‘Third Cinema’, the independent political film tradition  1... read more »

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Understanding Community Media: New Book

I’ve never been that good at selling myself, but if I can’t promote myself on my own blog then I figure I need to just give up now!

Here are details of  new peer reviewed book called ‘Understanding Community Media’ edited by Kevin Howley.  I wrote chapter 16, titled ‘Positioning Education Within Community Media’.

As they say, it is available in all good book shops.  Enjoy! ... read more »

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Physical ‘mediators’ as corner-stones of communities

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Channels of activity and emphasis of thought in Community Media (a ...

Since 2004, whenever I have given a paper at a conference about community media I have shown a table on powerpoint, (see the first table below).  I would go on to explain how this table informed my definition of the sector – which is according to the main areas of emphasis of activity by practitioners.

 My description and definition of community media states that the channels of activity are according to the main motivation of the action, ranging from; ... read more »

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Uni runs Graduate Certificate in Participatory Arts and Media ...

Here are details of a Graduate certificate course I helped to write at the University of the West of England, which is aimed at people working in community arts & media.

There are three modules, with a wide range of tutors each module;

- Participatory Arts: Practice & Context
Looks at the history of community arts & media, influential theories (e.g. Paulo Freire’s dialogic pedagogy), informal education theories, government influence and evaulation models. ... read more »

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Community Media as the constant entity in generational change in ...

Last night I went to an interesting seminar at the Watershed Media Centre called ‘Cultural Learning: Young people – schools – creative industries’.  It was all about the year-long relationship the Watershed have built up with Fairfield High School, which has seen film & TV professionals working in the school, and the students taking part in projects.  ... read more »

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Art World / Community Media World

I read with interest on BBC News that David Hockney (at 72 years old is regarded as one of the UK’s greatest living artists) is using his iPhone to create artwork, and that this may now be a new departure for him.  It started when he drew a picture on his iPhone and then emailed to 12 people straight away. ... read more »

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Debating process, product and progression in community media

A popular debate in community arts & media is based on the dichotomy and tensions inherent within the notions of process and product, and which state to value the most, and what ethics and emphasis are placed on each.  The liberal position (or more accurately, the centrist conservative position), is to compromise and value both elements in equal measure, which demonstrates a project that healthy in both regards.  The radicals on either wing denote the quality of process as protection of the safe environment for the participants, or the necessity of the product to instil a pride that process alone can never deliver.   ... read more »