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Nowhere and Everywhere: The Place of Feminism on YouTube

I gave a talk last week at Berkeley’s Gender Consortium that points towards the (non)place, and yet somehow real focus and locus, of my future work: the nowheres and everywheres of feminism in on-line, user-generated, social networked spaces of web 2.0 and its scholarship and pedagogy. I will be speaking on issues related at the Women in View: SexMoneyMedia conference in October in Vancouver, and then again, in a course I will be offering at USC’s Critical Studies program this Spring while on sabbatical. ... read more »

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Video and Participatory Culture: On Tubing

I’ve published an article in a special issue on YouTube of the on-line journal, Enculturation (A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing and Culture). The editors, Geoffrey Carter and Sarah Arroyo explain the issue’s focus: ... read more »

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Fred on Film

I was recently interviewed by Monica Hesse at the Washington Post for her article on Fred’s big move to movie: “This is a movie. This is a movie based on a YouTube character. This is a movie based on one of the most successful YouTube characters of all time.” Like last time, we had a great talk, but little of my ideas about Fred made it to her page. Here they are: ... read more »

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I am teaching two sections of my class on and about YouTube, Learning from YouTube, this Fall. You can follow us on our new group page.

The class is decidedly different from past versions, and also eerily the same, leading, as ever, to telling reflections on YouTube. Some comparisons: ... read more »

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Users Want Tosh(ers)

I was recently interviewed by Time magazine about the phenomenon of Tosh.0. Once again, my YouTube studies lead me to pop-analysis of cultural phenomena I had otherwise studiously avoided. But I watched, and pontificated, and is the case in such situations, the journalist used what she needed but did not include what mattered most to me. So, I’ll share that here, that is, if you care about Tosh, and really, why would you? ... read more »

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Films for the Feminist Classroom: “The Owls”

FFFC, a new on-line journal that is a side-project of SIGNS, has just published my article, “A Lesbian Collective Aesthetic: Making and Teaching The Owls.” By including the written and documentary voices of several of the cast the crew in the article, I attempt to reproduce the “lesbian collective cinema aesthetic” that I discuss as central to the film within my “written” cinema criticism: ... read more »

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Contractual Mayhem: On the Absurdities of Moving from Paper to ...

I am currently negotiating my contract with MIT Press to “publish” my “video-book” about YouTube this Fall. ... read more »

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YouTube at 5: What’s it to you?

You probably watch it more than you did (15 mins/day according to LA Times.)

You notice there are more ads, both before videos, and scattered around the page (yet they still haven’t figured out how to really make a buck).

Your favorite video has a better chance of getting pulled due to copyright infringement (thank god for YouTomb!) ... read more »

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The Losers: My Student’s a Winner (cross your fingers)

I had the thrilling adventure of getting to view the red-carpet premier of my long-ago student, Sylvain White’s new campy genre-pic, The Losers at Graumann’s Chinese Theatre. ... read more »

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The Failures of Fred’s Fans: For Youth Media Symposium

This is some of my talk for “Sensory Communication: Expressive Culture and Youth Media” at UCSD, April, 2010.

I will also present it to my CGU Cultural Studies Graduate course, Visual Research Methods, as an example of new media scholarship on “digital storytelling” and hope they will respond with some tough questions and insights that track some of the ideas of our course (so make sure to read comments!) ... read more »