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On Michael Wesch’s Whatever

I greatly enjoyed watching Michael Wesch’s Towards a New Future of Whatever. The two of us share a YouTube project based on pedagogy and student interaction (as an Anthropologist his research focuses on self and community, while as a Media Studies scholar, mine tends to look more closely at media forms), and because of our differences, I’m always thrilled to see what he and his gang have been up to. ... read more »

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Dueling Banjos

I get this eerie, bored feeling that internet scholars play but don’t listen. Myself included.

Where boosters see roses: See Howard Rheingold, Vernacular Video in Culture and Education. ... read more »

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Classroom power dynamics: Analogy of the solar system

Anyone used to working with young people in teaching/facilitation type roles, will know the experience of the butterflies in the stomach that arises when faced with the challenge of trying to encourage a group to be motivated in the task at hand.   

All eyes staring at you, waiting for you to say something meaningful and worthy of their attention. 

At one and the same time you can feel two opposing forces making the butterflies hop and skip. ... read more »

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The Safety Dance

My blog reader (Vienna) has been over-stuffed with videos of culture jams. ... read more »

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Learning from Fred: Published at TCR

It appears this commentary was published in September. Since you have to pay to see it at Teacher’s College Record, here’s a version for free: ... read more »