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TNE: Distraction Span: call for contributions

Call for Submissions

Distraction Span:
Technologies of engagement and opportunities for productive distraction

Cluster curators:
Alex Juhasz, Pitzer College <alex_juhasz[at]>
Brian Goldfarb, UCSD <bgoldfarb[at]>

We invite short, lively, multi-modal work that will kickstart new conversations that sidestep the panic over digital distraction: that is to say, the fear-inducing diagnosis that networked media is rewiring young minds, displacing valuable forms of engagement, and making sustained reflection a thing of the past. There is undeniably something new and challenging about the forms of multitasking and fragmented or interlaced communication that is fostered by the culture of new media. There is also something old about the panic over new forms of media and the perceived wholesale detriment they pose to learning and thinking. ... read more »

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Paying for It

I’m still turning over some of the questions I’ve been considering lately about new distribution models for movies and television, in particular some of the “long tail” arguments that have suggested that affordable broadband will create a “celestial jukebox” that will provide us with essentially unlimited choice and convenience at a reasonable price. ... read more »