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Form is Feeling: Remembering AIDS

In the past few days, I’ve seen two powerful film screenings featuring works that historicize AIDS in the 1980s: We Were Here (“the first documentary to take a deep and reflective look back at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco”) and United in Anger: A History of ACTUP. ... read more »

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Sustainable Television: Episode 2

This past spring semester, I taught a course called Sustainable Television: Producing Environmental Media – I’d taught a version of the course back in January 2010 during Middlebury’s intensive Winter Term, and this year I ran it as a full semester course. The concept was the same: spend the term producing a magazine-style television program focused on environmental issues, produced collaboratively by students. ... read more »

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Men Shooting Films in Caves

It’s like reality TV for famous filmmakers: wacky games with ridiculous rules bring out the real man. In this episode, our intrepid directors don’t have to eat maggots but they do have to shoot almost an entire feature film within the tight, murky confines of a cave. There’s no vistas in reach, the set is all set, the actors can’t do much, and it’s often really dark. Then, the French Ministry of Culture ups the ante for German master, Wener Herzog: consumer camera, four man crew who can only walk on small metal pathways, and very very tight shooting schedule. ... read more »

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The Wisdom of Gil Scott Heron – Message To The Messengers

See video direct at –

Lyrics to Message To The Messengers : ... read more »

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Bristol police miss opportunity to work with community filmmakers to ...

See below the latest street news video by the South Blessed Community Channel, as a follow-up to their anti-Tesco film, (see previous post).  Last night the local police used vans and deployed a helicopter to stop the screening of a film in a park about last week’s riots.  When the screening moved to a local house, at first the police then attempted to stop that happening too.  Surely the ... read more »

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Stokes Croft Bristol riots (squat eviction / anti-Tesco) – 21 April 2011

As documented by local media organisation South-Blessed Community Channel

If the video does not embed properly, see the video direct here – ... read more »

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Distraction Span: Disjointed Rapidfire Thought Requested

My friend Brian Goldfarb and I just released Distraction Span: Technologies of Productive Disruption at MediaCommons. “With this cluster of The New Everyday we initiate a conversation about social media that sidesteps the panic over youth and digital distraction while not being afraid to look head-on at their everyday engagements with mobile devices and social networking.” Now we hope you will join the conversation. ... read more »

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Signs of Times – placards of student protest (The Musical)

Photographs taken during the first student & lecturer march against the ConDem rise in tuition fees, November 10th 2010.  A one stop shop for all your student placard slogan needs.

All photography by me – Shawn Sobers
Music by Musical Youth – original copyright remains
All messages by The People ... read more »

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Photography, protest and politics (deliberate small’p's)

Over the next year I’m going to go back to my roots and make more pictures, both still and moving, as well as writing words (which I may do less).  As a political (small ‘p’) animal at heart, it is work that has something to say, or maybe more importantly work that asks questions, that inspires me most in terms of my own creative practice.  (I don’t force this upon my students, although they do at least have to have a focused idea they are pursuing!) ... read more »

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Hooters at Fusion

Hooters, Anna Margarita Albelo’s documentary about the making of The Owls, will play this Sunday at 3 at Fusion, LA’s Queers of Color Film Festival.

... read more »