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Mogul is De- and Re-Mobilized

I’ve worked with, written about, and been a fan of the work of Susan Mogul for quite awhile. ... read more »

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Documentary Dıspatch from Turkey

I have been tourıng Istanbul, wındıng down on wındıng roads from the jam-packed Vısıble Evıdence conference (on documentary). I can’t do justıce to the many strong panels I saw: testıment to the solıdıfıcatıon of documentary as a fully fledged fıeld (I helped start the conference as a graduate student and I remember we dıd so because the few people always talkıng on documentary at larger fılm conferences thought we mıght be able to buıld a more serious and sustained dialogue if we could learn from each other). ... read more »

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For Neda: Verite in Context

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Documenting the Documenters, Take Two: Owls ‘n Hooters

The Owls, the collective, experimental docu/fiction lesbian thriller that I produced is showing, now, all over the world.

Look for June US screenings in SF and LA. The docu-comedy, Hooters, about making “The Owls” is also playing, mirroring, and hooting along-side. ... read more »

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Documenting the Documenters: More from the AIDS Activist Archive

I had the opportunity to view screeners of two new AIDS documentaries: Sex in an Epidemic (Jean Carlomusto) and ACT UP New York Highlights: I (Jim Hubbard, Sarah Schulman, and James Wentzy), thanks to their distributor, ... read more »

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I’m Kinda Busy

Hello, hello baby. I’m kinda busy right now and don’t have mental or maybe psychic energy to draw the links between pop music, homo-erotic war-play, ritual violence, and love.

... read more »

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The Views of the Feminist Archive

Please go to “Flow’s” Special Issue on The Archive to see a slightly modified selection (“The Views of the Feminist Archive”) from my longer essay “A Process Archive: The Grand Circularity of Woman’s Building Video,” which will be published in 2011 in the catalog for Doin’ it in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman’s Building, one of 15 Getty sponsored art shows, ... read more »

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Babies are People!

“Mommies are people. People with children. When mommies were little they used to be kids, like some of you, but then they grew, and now mommies are women: women with children. Busy with children and things that they do, there are a lot of things, a lot of mommies can do.” ... read more »

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Banksy v Welles

I liked Exit Through the Gift Shop well enough. Its bad-boy, Euro-trash pranksters bite their thumbs at the art-world that feeds them by playfully manufacturing a hoax-star doppleganger forger from thin air, then selling his misbegotten wares for millions: gotcha! But really, guys, Orson Welles did it all before, with better craft, crazier detours, and actual genius. ... read more »

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The Kids Grow Up [Full Frame 2010]

If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll likely know that I recently gave The Best Girlfriend Ever a Flip Camera for her birthday.  We’d talked about buying one for a while, in particular so that we can document an upcoming trip to Spain, but once I had a chance to play with the camera (here’s one recent effort), I found myself increasingly drawn to filming, recording even the most banal moments of everyday life. ... read more »