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Michael Gove’s sniper attack on schools (Once a week news pic)

Image produced by Shawn Sobers for Once a Week News Pic series.
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Signs of Times – placards of student protest (The Musical)

Photographs taken during the first student & lecturer march against the ConDem rise in tuition fees, November 10th 2010.  A one stop shop for all your student placard slogan needs.

All photography by me – Shawn Sobers
Music by Musical Youth – original copyright remains
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YouTube – UNDER the spotlight, IS the spotlight, and source of ...

Earlier this week MIT Press published a ‘video book’ called ‘Learning from YouTube’ by Media Studies Professor Alexandra Juhasz.  The book is not of the physical kind, nor is it a downloadable file for your Kindle or iPad.  It is a website-book which has been peer reviewed and given an ISBN number, which exists in, amongst and around YouTube, with the site being the subject matter, field of research and platform for dissemination. ... read more »

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Burning Responsibility: Young Lives and Media Projects

Just over a month ago I attended the funeral of a 24 year old young man who tragically took his own life. His death and its circumstances shook the whole community, especially his peers.  12 years ago I was teaching him how to edit – me working as a facilitator on a community media project, working with colleagues I still work with today.  About 5 years after that he worked as a music producer on another community media project we were running.  We managed to bring him in to be involved after realizing he was ‘not around much’ lately. ... read more »

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RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

Sharing this animated interpretation of a Ken Robinson lecture.

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‘Crouching Man’ sculpture – Inspirational so have to share

I went to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for a conference at the Miner’s Institute, and saw this sculpture on top of a bookcase.  I was immediately drawn to it before I knew what it was about and started taking photos using my phone.  I then read the description. ... read more »

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Free Ed.




Free Ed.

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Saint George’s Day for All

On Radio 4 a while ago there was a debate about patron saints and nationalism, and if it was a healthy thing.  One of the guests said they thought Saint George’s day was a good opportunity for different communities to celebrate in England, as Saint George himself represented inclusiveness as he was born in Turkey (ref), and is the patron saint of Aragon, ... read more »

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Digital Nation

This semester I’ve been teaching a master’s-level course for teachers called “Using Technology in the Language Arts Classroom,” and as usual, teaching the course pushes me to think about how digital tools fit into the pedagogical needs of today’s student population.  With that in mind, I’ve been curious for a while to see the PBS documentary, Digital Nation, directed by Rachel Dretzin, with contributions from Douglas Rushkoff, in part because of the attempt by the filmmakers to extend the conversation about the issues presented in the film to the web.  Like Henry Jenkins, who has posted a negative review of the film (but a positive review of the website), I found myself feeling frustrated at how the documentary framed a number of important questions about digital media literacy, but as an example of a transmedia documentary, I think it’s a fascinating case study, something that media scholars and others can use to powerful effect in their classrooms. ... read more »

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Uni runs Graduate Certificate in Participatory Arts and Media ...

Here are details of a Graduate certificate course I helped to write at the University of the West of England, which is aimed at people working in community arts & media.

There are three modules, with a wide range of tutors each module;

- Participatory Arts: Practice & Context
Looks at the history of community arts & media, influential theories (e.g. Paulo Freire’s dialogic pedagogy), informal education theories, government influence and evaulation models. ... read more »