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Veronica Mars and Exchanges of Value Revisited

Wednesday was one of the more interesting days on Twitter I’ve ever seen, from the snarking about the new Pope (same as the old Pope), to the anger over Google mothballing Reader, to the more local disappointment of Wes Welker signing with the Broncos. ... read more »

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Behind the Scenes of a Serialized Intertext

One of the reasons I most enjoy studying the fan culture side of media studies is that fans can come up with some fascinating stuff, a boggling array of creativity discovered through the contraints provided by the source texts. I document some of the most interesting examples I’ve found in my chapter on “Orienting Paratexts,” ranging from The Tommy Westphall Universe Theory to The Wire‘s D&D alignment chart. ... read more »

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Complex TV: Transmedia Storytelling

It’s time for another chapter of Complex TV to go live on MediaCommons Press—this time, the topic is Transmedia Storytelling. It builds on work I have done in recent years about how television narratives expand into other media, especially around Lost and its ARGs, but very few of the chapter’s ideas have been published elsewhere. ... read more »

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Complex TV: Orienting Paratexts

I’m pleased to post the next chapter of Complex TV, focused on the topic of Orienting Paratexts. Here’s the abstract: ... read more »

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Serial Orientations

Last week, I traveled to Bochum, an industrial city in northwest Germany, to serve as a keynote speaker at the conference (Dis)Orientations: (dis)orienting media & narrative mazes. I enjoyed my time in Bochum and at the conference, connecting with some interesting European media scholars and exploring another German city and university. ... read more »

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Thankful for Terriers

I’d like to interrupt this unplanned blog hiatus – yes, it’s been one of those semesters – to give thanks for this year’s best new show: Terriers. I’d been planning on posting a blog about Terriers after a few episodes, but I’m glad I got too busy to write it, as the show has transformed into something much more engaging and powerful since then. What started out as a shaggy good time has emerged into taught double character study packing a surprise emotional wallop. ... read more »

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Call for Essays (Sherlock book collection; complete essays due ...


CFP: The Game is On! 
The Transmedia Adventures of Sherlock

 Transmedia SherlockWhen the BBC premiered its 2010 three-part series Sherlock, it re-envisioned a character who had been adapted and re-adapted in multiple reincarnations for over a century. 113 years earlier, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced Sherlock Holmes in his first serial incarnation. The logical detective solving unsolvable crimes became a key archetypal figure in the mystery and detective genres, crossing media and centuries. ... read more »

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Wikis and Participatory Fandom

One of my writing projects this summer was to write a book chapter for a forthcoming anthology called Routledge Handbook of Participatory Cultures, edited by Aaron Delwiche and Jennifer Henderson (forthcoming in 2011 from Routledge, of course). The handbook is designed to offer accessible introductions to a wide array of facets of participatory culture, suitable for teaching or non-specialist readership, with an impressive line-up of authors. ... read more »

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On Disliking Mad Men

As a scholar and fan of contemporary narratively complex television serials, one of my blindspots has been Mad Men, a show about which I’ve mentioned on this blog has little appeal to me. Thus it was a bit surprising months ago when I was invited to contribute to a forthcoming book of collected essays on the show – the editors knew that I didn’t like the show, and wanted me to write about why. I accepted the invitation as a kind of challenge, and the results are posted below. ... read more »

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In Media Res Theme Week: The Twilight Saga [June 28 - July 2]

In Media Res is proud to present its theme week on the Twilight Saga. We are featuring the following posts this week:

Monday June 28, 2010 – Maggie Parke (Bangor University Wales, and Elfin Productions) presents: Twilight: The Multi-Media Marketing Machine  ... read more »