Hurt Locker

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Female Oscar Coasters

Over two years ago, I wrote these words about a female directed Oscar contending war film: “The film plays this war as it is—an emotional roller coaster of fear and boredom, action and waiting.” Of course, that film was Hurt Locker which would go on to be a (the) big (only) best director Oscar win for a powerful female flick. ... read more »

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Imagining We Care: “Supporting Our Troops” in Recent War Films

I recently watched Brothers (in a theater) and Taking Chance (at home). They tell opposing tales about Americans’ relationships to our troops—disavowal and send ‘em to the dustbin versus hero-worshipping, god-fearing sentimentalism—but they frame depictions of the Iraq War through a shared (and safe) jingoistic, family-values, misogynistic vision of America that ameliorates whatever criticism they may (or may not) be making about our illicit war. ... read more »