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Fantasy and Science Fiction Media, Spring 2013

Fantasy and Science Fiction Media FILM 4280/6280, Spring 2013 Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00-2:15 PM, 331 General Classroom Building Screenings Tuesdays, 11:00 AM-12:50 PM, 406 Arts & Humanities Ted Friedman 25 Park Place #1017 Course Description How do we dream our visions of the future? How do we explore our fantasies of the […]

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Ted’s Top 50 Books of the 2000s

Originally posted January 06, 2010 ... read more »

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Tedcast #3: Interviewed by Erik Davis

The third Tedcast takes a break from my Fantasy & Science Fiction lectures to present an interview with me conducted by Erik Davis. Erik hosts Expanding Minds on the Progressive Radio Network, and is author of numerous books, including a great study of Led Zeppelin IV and the new collection Nomad Codes. ... read more »

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Tedcast #2: Magic and Extrapolation

My rebooted podcast, TedCast, is up and running. The first few episodes will come from Fantasy and Science Fiction, a course I teach at GSU. Future episodes will cover cultural studies, new media, film history, and eventually  everything else I talk about in public.

In Episode 2, we discuss the key tropes of fantasy and science fiction: magic and extrapolation.

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Tedcast #1: Fantasy and Science Fiction

Here’s  Episode 1 of Tedcast, my rebooted podcast. It’s the first class in Fantasy and Science Fiction Media, a class I taught at GSU in Fall 2010. In this opening lecture, I introduce the concept of genre and discuss what distinguishes fantasy and science fiction, and what they share. ... read more »

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The Step Between

‘When Adam delved, and Eve span,
Who was then the gentleman?’


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