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I Went Back to Ohio

Weather willing, I’ll be traveling this week to give a pair of talks. So in lieu of actual content, here’s the info for any Ohio-based readers if you’d like to attend either presentation: ... read more »

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I am on sabbatical during the Spring of 2011. During this period of relative freedom, I plan to promote, network, and engage with my YouTube video-book (to be released February 7) and to begin thinking about, researching, and getting my hands dirty within my new project regarding online feminism. ... read more »

The Pitfalls of Alleged Expertise

Let me preface this post by saying that this is not intended as a personal attack on Robert Thompson. Although I’ve never met the man, by all accounts he’s a very nice guy, a good colleague and a strong teacher. In this story, Thompson is more a symptom than cause of the problem. ... read more »

Teaching Narrative Through Remix

I’m writing from the grading bunker, which seems like a fine place to contemplate the purpose of assignments we give our students. Usually, my assignments are fairly conventional in both form and goal, looking to synthesize specific ideas from the course in a way that allows students to apply them to an object or topic that interests them. ... read more »

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Ready for Launch: February 7, 2011

I’m in the final stages of editing and readying my video-book, Learning from YouTube, for “publication” or perhaps, better said, official presentation by the MIT Press. Given the unique nature of the product (virtual and free) it’s been yet another scholarly publishing challenge to invent the terms of its release. ... read more »

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Networking Lessons

I have been teaching from three scholarly books (Burgess and Green, Snickars and Vonderau, Strangelove) devoted to YouTube for this year’s go at ... read more »

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Me ‘n MIT: Building Better Contracts for On-Line Publishing

For anyone out there interested in digital academic publishing, I am quite pleased to report that the slow and complex negotiations to create a useful and meaningful contract with MIT Press for my “video-book” are at last complete. And I have the paper to prove it! I have hoped that sharing these fruitful if hard conversations with the innovative editors at MIT who have been open to re-thinking what counts as a book, and how we might all gain from new forms of writing and its publishing, especially about digital content, would be useful for others who are also wrangling their way on this awkward, and usually unsupported trek, and I thank the editors at MIT for agreeing to let me make this public. ... read more »

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SexMoneyMedia: Feminist Aftershocks

I had the honor to give a keynote address at this international symposium, sponsored by Women in View, an association of  Canadian media professionals. An astoundingly diverse and powerful group of women–with high-ranking representatives from industry, finance, unions, the national government, technology, academia, the arts, and non-profits–joined for two days, with the primary goal of making sense of (and providing action items towards changing) the shockingly regressive rates of women’s participation in, and representation through, media. ... read more »

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The Media Studies Job Market, 10: The Offer

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The Media Studies Job Market, 9b: The Campus Interview

With pilot season behind us, it’s time to return to the job market posts. And I begin with a Tale of Two Interviews. ... read more »