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Audiovisual Thinking

A collage of three video essays made by my Cultural Studies graduate students in CGU’s methods course, Visual Research Methods, has been published in Audiovisual Thinking: The Journal of Academic Videos. Their work and the journal itself are worth a good look! I introduce their essays thus: ... read more »

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Learning from YouTube: The Video-Book

My video-book goes live today on the MIT Press website. I hope you will take a look, contribute a texteo, and share it with others who might be interested (handy promo here: juhasz flyer). With nothing to buy, sell, or hold, it will be interesting to see how the work fares. Please let me know what you think (by authoring on the vbook). ... read more »

Finding the Global Village through a Twitter Bot

The other day a friend of mine Tweeted about the misuse of Marshall McLuhan in discussing the role of Twitter in recent political uprisings like in Egypt. As I often do, when I hear mention of Marshall McLuhan, my thoughts turn to one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite films, Annie Hall:

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Bulgarian version of Forbidden Love

You know how much I love the fansubbed version of Verbotene Liebe, the German-language soap opera. While rewatching the episodes on YouTube, I came across a Bulgarian soap with the same title: Forbidden Love. Zabranena Lyubov is based on the same originary source as VL: Australian soap Sons and Daughters. ... read more »

Notes on Rewatching

Last week I had an excellent trip to Ohio, giving talks both at Oberlin College and Ohio State University. At the latter, I was on a panel about television seriality with my friends Chris Becker, Sean O’Sullivan, and Greg Smith. Below is the paper I gave entitled “Why We Watch Again: Notes on Rewatching Television Serials” – as always, I welcome comments on this early draft of what will hopefully turn into a full-fledged portion of my larger project on television narrative.

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I Went Back to Ohio

Weather willing, I’ll be traveling this week to give a pair of talks. So in lieu of actual content, here’s the info for any Ohio-based readers if you’d like to attend either presentation: ... read more »

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I am on sabbatical during the Spring of 2011. During this period of relative freedom, I plan to promote, network, and engage with my YouTube video-book (to be released February 7) and to begin thinking about, researching, and getting my hands dirty within my new project regarding online feminism. ... read more »

The Pitfalls of Alleged Expertise

Let me preface this post by saying that this is not intended as a personal attack on Robert Thompson. Although I’ve never met the man, by all accounts he’s a very nice guy, a good colleague and a strong teacher. In this story, Thompson is more a symptom than cause of the problem. ... read more »

Teaching Narrative Through Remix

I’m writing from the grading bunker, which seems like a fine place to contemplate the purpose of assignments we give our students. Usually, my assignments are fairly conventional in both form and goal, looking to synthesize specific ideas from the course in a way that allows students to apply them to an object or topic that interests them. ... read more »

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Ready for Launch: February 7, 2011

I’m in the final stages of editing and readying my video-book, Learning from YouTube, for “publication” or perhaps, better said, official presentation by the MIT Press. Given the unique nature of the product (virtual and free) it’s been yet another scholarly publishing challenge to invent the terms of its release. ... read more »