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Learning from Huffington Post College

I was pleased to be informed by a staff member that Learning from YouTube was chosen as one of the “ten coolest college classes” by none other than the Huffington Post. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that this honor proved to be in the spirit of CollegeHumor only, but I would have thought better of the HP as CollegeHumor already successfully mocks stuff, it doesn’t need a grown-up knock-off. ... read more »

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Animating Archives (W)rap Sheet

This was one of the best conferences I ever attended. The take home message for future conference organizers is hard to replicate: 1) carefully chosen speakers 2)  given ample time (2 speakers in 1 and 1/2 hour sessions) and 3) beautifully choreographed two-day flow, where distinct areas of approach, method, discipline and theory, hit against each other to build to a crescendo. Not one dud. Here’s the rap sheet of one-liners: ... read more »

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Travels & Travails in Digital Media: From Blog 2 Page to Screen ...

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The Stake and the Wedge

The female is immanent, the female is bone-deep, the female is instinct. With Lili’s

eager complicity, The Professor drives a massive wedge between the masculine and

the feminine within her. -Sandy Stone, Posttransexaul Manifesto

... read more »

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On Michael Wesch’s Whatever

I greatly enjoyed watching Michael Wesch’s Towards a New Future of Whatever. The two of us share a YouTube project based on pedagogy and student interaction (as an Anthropologist his research focuses on self and community, while as a Media Studies scholar, mine tends to look more closely at media forms), and because of our differences, I’m always thrilled to see what he and his gang have been up to. ... read more »

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No More Potlucks
presents: no. 4 Juillet-August
theme: “copie”


The Increasingly Unproductive Fake
Alexandra Juhasz

Dump Gay Marriage Now
Yasmin Nair

Getting Messy and Complicated with Dana Inkster
Dayna McLeod ... read more »

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On Iran Vérité

I’m a fan of Digital Poetics. I support his (and many bloggers) committed support and relay of people-made videos coming from Iran in the face of heightening censorship and oppression.

However, I caution on his page: ... read more »

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Art and Social Change: The BOOK