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Best TV of 2010: The Second Tier

In my last post, I offered my Top Tier TV for 2010, roughly serving as a top 5 (with one of those taken by a videogame). So the following shows could be seen as residing in the bottom half of my Best Of list, but I refuse the arbitrary limit of 10 or the time it would take to rank these any way except alphabetically. So feel free to pick your favorite and call it my #6. ... read more »

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Fall TV Roundup

October is always a rough month for academics, with the crush of midterm grading, recommendation letter writing, and administrative tasks for spring semester, plus the standard fall tasks for homeowners and parents. But it’s doubly tough for television scholars, as there’s all that new TV to watch! So I’ve been neglecting blogging, but not watching. ... read more »

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New Shows, 6: Modern Family, Cougar Town

More reviews, after the fold …

Modern Family ... read more »

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A Few Wednesday Morning Links

As I catch up with the new shows, some links: ... read more »