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Amanda Palmer don’t need no stinkin’ label

Amanda Palmer, sometimes of the Dresden Dolls and sometimes her own sweet (?) independent self, has long been an enthusiastic proponent and exemplar of how to use the internet to connect with her audience. ... read more »

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Relating to Fans Video Stream

Here is a streaming video of the talk I gave at MidemNet about how to understand and relate to music fans online. Enjoy!

... read more »

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Interview With Me

Hypebot has just wrapped up running a three-part interview with me about music and online fandom. Read it here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 ... read more »

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Oh, that fickle internet

The New York Times has an article about shifting goals for musicians playing SXSW which, for reasons that aren’t quite clear, uses most of its words addressing the role of the internet.  They begin by affirming the importance of blogs, but shift quickly to the “the internet is fickle” meme that was fairly common  a year or two ago. They focus in particular on the band Crocodiles: ... read more »

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Faves, 2008

As always, at the end of the year one has trouble remembering anything that happened in the early months. I don’t know if I even saw any new movies before the spring (aside from the Oscar-season movies of ‘07 seen last January, which we certainly don’t need to think about now), and the writers strike killed much of the TV season. Film consumption in ‘08 for me was mainly older movies I was writing about, and much of the TV consumption was binges of seasons several years in the past (mainly The Wire and Six Feet Under). ... read more »