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My Views: Teaching, Learning and Research in Creative Arts education

My colleague Angus Fraser asked me to fill out a questionnaire for a paper he is writing.  As I like to recycle and re-connect content, I’ve pasted the my answers below.  All the views are my own and not my employers or departments.



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Anecdote of media’s domino-effect impact on a child

This morning on a lazy Sunday, watching ‘Good Luck Charlie‘ on the Disney Channel with my 9 year old daughter, two of the characters talked about a game of chess.  My daughter then said to me, ‘Let’s play chess’, and promptly got out the dusty multi-games compendium from its hiding place, leaving the remainder of the programme left unwatched.  (I checked and she had not watched that episode before.) ... read more »

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To Post or not to Post

Today’s meditation: ... read more »

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Thoughts on teaching theory to undergrads

Recently, my friend Annie Petersen took advantage of one of Twitter’s best functions for academics: crowdsourcing syllabus recommendations. Annie was looking for readings that provide a good introduction to semiotics, but are not impenetrable to novice students. ... read more »

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Paying homage to historical educational links

On this day of the Graduation of my students, I want to say thanks to Les Mills, who interviewed me for my place at Newport Uni  (now University of College Wales Newport) in 1993, and accepted me onto the Film & Photography degree. ... read more »

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Review of Shooting Youth photography exhibition at Knowle West Media ...

In Roland Barthes famous book about photography, Camera Lucida, the French theorist writes, “Ultimately, photography is subversive, not when it frightens, repels, or even stigmatizes, but when it is pensive, when it thinks.... read more »

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The Costly Stakes of Videogame Literacy

I had the opportunity to visit the University of Southern California’s Game Innovation Lab (GIL) last August. Directed by Tracy Fullerton, GIL is a significant component of the now vibrant indie game development scene. GIL is largely responsible for proving that academic game development can gestate innovative and relevant design that escapes the ivory tower and affects the actual consumer driven industry. This impact is evident in the groundbreaking work of GIL students. ... read more »

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Videogames as Critical Race Pedagogy

Education Beyond Edu-games ... read more »

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YouTube – UNDER the spotlight, IS the spotlight, and source of ...

Earlier this week MIT Press published a ‘video book’ called ‘Learning from YouTube’ by Media Studies Professor Alexandra Juhasz.  The book is not of the physical kind, nor is it a downloadable file for your Kindle or iPad.  It is a website-book which has been peer reviewed and given an ISBN number, which exists in, amongst and around YouTube, with the site being the subject matter, field of research and platform for dissemination. ... read more »

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‘Crouching Man’ sculpture – Inspirational so have to share

I went to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for a conference at the Miner’s Institute, and saw this sculpture on top of a bookcase.  I was immediately drawn to it before I knew what it was about and started taking photos using my phone.  I then read the description. ... read more »