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PhD Thesis – BEYOND PROJECT: An Ethnographic Study in Community ...


BEYOND PROJECT: An Ethnographic Study in Community Media
by Shawn Naphtali Sobers ... read more »

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This semester, I am adjuncting an online-only science fiction class at a nearby university that caters to full-time workers, bringing my number of simultaneously held paid jobs to three. Because I am primarily a freelancer, I think of things in freelance terms: maximizing money earned, minimizing time and effort. It all comes down to the hourly rate you command. When I taught before, I agonized about every decision: what books, what organizational scheme. This time? Not so much.

Here’s a rundown of how I approached adjuncting. ... read more »

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How I Use Leeroy Jenkins to Teach Race in Videogames

I think it is important for those of us in media studies, and not just with a game studies focus, to teach how to “read” and interpret videogames given their budding status as one of the dominant media forms of the near future. This is particularly important if you subscribe to McKenzie Wark’s central argument from Gamer Theory that games are not representing the world but the world is beginning to appeal to games as the ideal. ... read more »

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In which I teach an online class

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Uni runs Graduate Certificate in Participatory Arts and Media ...

Here are details of a Graduate certificate course I helped to write at the University of the West of England, which is aimed at people working in community arts & media.

There are three modules, with a wide range of tutors each module;

- Participatory Arts: Practice & Context
Looks at the history of community arts & media, influential theories (e.g. Paulo Freire’s dialogic pedagogy), informal education theories, government influence and evaulation models. ... read more »

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Community Media as the constant entity in generational change in ...

Last night I went to an interesting seminar at the Watershed Media Centre called ‘Cultural Learning: Young people – schools – creative industries’.  It was all about the year-long relationship the Watershed have built up with Fairfield High School, which has seen film & TV professionals working in the school, and the students taking part in projects.  ... read more »

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Debating process, product and progression in community media

A popular debate in community arts & media is based on the dichotomy and tensions inherent within the notions of process and product, and which state to value the most, and what ethics and emphasis are placed on each.  The liberal position (or more accurately, the centrist conservative position), is to compromise and value both elements in equal measure, which demonstrates a project that healthy in both regards.  The radicals on either wing denote the quality of process as protection of the safe environment for the participants, or the necessity of the product to instil a pride that process alone can never deliver.   ... read more »

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Post-action theorizing in community media (Laws vs Tools)

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Teaching Transcoded Race in Videogames

In the past when I have taught race in videogames for my freshman composition classes I have had a hard time explaining how to push beyond representational critiques of racial signification. Naturally students are more adept at analyzing the visual presentation and iconography of race in games than breaking down the more subtle and technical ways race is coded into gameworlds. ... read more »

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Classroom power dynamics: Analogy of the solar system

Anyone used to working with young people in teaching/facilitation type roles, will know the experience of the butterflies in the stomach that arises when faced with the challenge of trying to encourage a group to be motivated in the task at hand.   

All eyes staring at you, waiting for you to say something meaningful and worthy of their attention. 

At one and the same time you can feel two opposing forces making the butterflies hop and skip. ... read more »