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New website of my films, photography, text and things……

Please visit my new website ‘Shawn Sobers – Visual Anthropology’ at

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THE DAY ANGELS WEPT: Ideology, Television and Rodney King

Written in 1995 when I was in my second year of my undergraduate degree, I wrote this essay about Rodney King, the LA riots, and the role of the media. I thought it was apt to upload it here today, on the day of Rodney King’s death.




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Roots & Wings Photography – Press Release

I have some photography work in this exhibition.  The show tours Crawley, Barbados and Brighton throughout 2012.

PRESS RELEASE ... read more »

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Review of Shooting Youth photography exhibition at Knowle West Media ...

In Roland Barthes famous book about photography, Camera Lucida, the French theorist writes, “Ultimately, photography is subversive, not when it frightens, repels, or even stigmatizes, but when it is pensive, when it thinks.... read more »

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The Wisdom of Gil Scott Heron – Message To The Messengers

See video direct at –

Lyrics to Message To The Messengers : ... read more »

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Obama visits the UK – (Once a Week News series)

Obama photo by Pete Souza – copyright remains
All images, copyright remains with original producers. ... read more »

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The Trap of Representation

Header image from Robbie Cooper’s Alter Ego.

When we evaluate race in games, character creation seems to draw most of our focus. And there’s good reason for this: character creation appears to facilitate the kind of bodily manipulation promised by digital technologies during the mythic imaginings of the early internet. In some way we’ve been desiring a tool for identity play that lives up to the promise of these 90s promises. ... read more »

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Missing persons reportage in the traditional press and social media ...

The following is a reply I sent to Rachel MacPherson, a journalism student from University of the West of Scotland.  She was writing her dissertation on the media’s representation of victims of crime, in particular missing person cases, and read my post about Serena Beakhurst and wanted my opinion.  I provided answers to her questions, as shown below.  The topic i ... read more »

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Keep ‘Midsomer Murders’ a white only drama

“Midsomer Murders producer suspended over race row

The producer of ITV1′s Midsomer Murders has been suspended after saying the drama “wouldn’t work” if there was racial diversity in the show.  Brian True-May, who co-created the series, told the Radio Times the long-running drama was a “last bastion of Englishness” and should stay that way.”

Quote from BBC news story – see full story here. ... read more »

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Photography, protest and politics (deliberate small’p's)

Over the next year I’m going to go back to my roots and make more pictures, both still and moving, as well as writing words (which I may do less).  As a political (small ‘p’) animal at heart, it is work that has something to say, or maybe more importantly work that asks questions, that inspires me most in terms of my own creative practice.  (I don’t force this upon my students, although they do at least have to have a focused idea they are pursuing!) ... read more »