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What Trolls Can Teach Us About Race

I’ve got a new article out in Fibreculture that I’m proud of and think readers of this blog would enjoy. It’s called “/b/lackup: What Trolls Can Teach Us About Race” and it’s an adaptation of some research and writing I did for my dissertation. This is an article years — I think about four total — in the making. ... read more »

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Chapter in new book ‘Slavery and the British Country House’

Proud to see this book arrive, ‘Slavery and the British Country House’, published by English Heritage, which includes a chapter by me and Rob Mitchell. Book edited by Madge Dresser. The book is full of insights into how the finances from the slave trade built the aristocracy and the legacies still visible in the British landscape.

Link to Amazon here. ... read more »

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The Nonviolent 99

The Occupy Movement has renewed one of the long-standing debates among people concerned with making the world more just: What is the proper role of violence in human liberation? Beginning with the post-Enlightenment Age of Revolutions up through today’s so-called “more radical” elements of the anarchist and environmental movements, people have long held that some measure of violence is necessary to destroy the present order and prepare the way for something better. ... read more »

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Videogames as Critical Race Pedagogy

Education Beyond Edu-games ... read more »