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Tedcast #3: Interviewed by Erik Davis

The third Tedcast takes a break from my Fantasy & Science Fiction lectures to present an interview with me conducted by Erik Davis. Erik hosts Expanding Minds on the Progressive Radio Network, and is author of numerous books, including a great study of Led Zeppelin IV and the new collection Nomad Codes. ... read more »

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Centaur Manifesto

I’m writing a book about centaurs and cyborgs – about trying to bring together mythos and logos, magic and science, Carl Jung and Karl Marx, Maria Von Franz and Fredric JamesonI’m podcasting the book via my lectures on Tedcast. I’m tweeting the book via the #centaur hashtag. ... read more »

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Farmville Mandalas

Tedwood Forest

Tedwood Forest ... read more »

Networked Collaboration and Creativity

[This is a repost of a guest blog post on PBS Station KERA’s Art & Seek site]

The winners of the last decade on the Internet were YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. All of these are all social networks where the content is 100% created (or re-purposed) by the participants – not by some official content producer, publisher, broadcaster, or curator. ... read more »

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Challenging Media Distribution and Music Distribution Challenges - ...

Since the 2007 release of In Rainbows it’s become cliche’ to note that artists do not need labels. Often mocked by industry insiders who point out that “Radiohead isn’t Radiohead without the many years of EMI promotion.” That is no doubt true. Yet you cannot claim that major labels record companies have much to do with the success of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (CYHSY) or, more interestingly, in the case of Corey Smith. Radiohead, positioned as the popular purveyor of the avant garde, is seen as visionary, as is the work of CYHSY for similar stylistic reasons. ... read more »