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Grammy Night Reflections on Projection

From tweets the night of February 13, 2011.

In Jungian terms, technological determinism is projection: giving power to machines that really belongs to ourselves.

Projection is necessary & valuable – it’s what Robert Johnson calls “carrying your gold” when you’re not ready yet to carry it yourself.

But maturity & wisdom comes when we withdraw projections. See people & things for who & what they are in themselves. ... read more »

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Wikis and Participatory Fandom

One of my writing projects this summer was to write a book chapter for a forthcoming anthology called Routledge Handbook of Participatory Cultures, edited by Aaron Delwiche and Jennifer Henderson (forthcoming in 2011 from Routledge, of course). The handbook is designed to offer accessible introductions to a wide array of facets of participatory culture, suitable for teaching or non-specialist readership, with an impressive line-up of authors. ... read more »

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Expanded fair use rights for everyone!

It’s been a summer of minimal blogging, what with various family plans, media consumption, and household tasks. I do have a number of posts in the planning stage, and a longer essay drafted that will appear here soon. But yesterday a bit of news arrived that mandated a return to blogging. ... read more »

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Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Our friends at the Leonardo Electronic Almanac have let us know about their three open calls for new forthcoming issues.

LEA publishes articles online – guidelines are available on their website — and promotes discussions on contemporary issues on art, science and technology.

LEA has 3 active calls for papers: ... read more »

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Phi Beta Kappa address, “Keep in Touch”

As the 2009-10 president of Pomona College’s Phi Beta Kappa chapter, I was supposed t ... read more »

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One month with an iPad

I received my iPad on April 8. Since then, many people have asked how I like it – my common response is that it’s too soon to tell what I’ll actually do with it. Unlike most technologies, the iPad doesn’t neatly fit into preexisting categories of practice and expectation, and like most technologies, there are unanticipated uses. Now after around a month, I feel qualified to assess what it is and how it fits into my digital life. ... read more »

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More Gloating About My iPad

Finding myself yesterday felled by some nasty bug or another, I wound up spending the day in bed. ... read more »

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Preliminary Thoughts on the iPad

So I did, after a minor delay (produced by the Apple truck not showing up to the bookstore on time), get my hands on my new iPad. ... read more »

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Why I Can’t Wait to Get My Hands on My New iPad, All You Haters ...

So yes, I did pre-order an iPad, or actually pre-reserve one with my college’s books ... read more »

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Why a book?

I’ve just finished the fifth and final day of the marathon Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in LA, and it was by far one of the best large-scale conferences I’ve ever been to. I attended no bad panels, and only a couple of weak papers – which is pretty rare! Either I got really lucky, my standards have dropped, or the quality of the conference was strong (let’s be generous and assume the third). ... read more »