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Sustainable Television: Episode 2

This past spring semester, I taught a course called Sustainable Television: Producing Environmental Media – I’d taught a version of the course back in January 2010 during Middlebury’s intensive Winter Term, and this year I ran it as a full semester course. The concept was the same: spend the term producing a magazine-style television program focused on environmental issues, produced collaboratively by students. ... read more »

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Thursday Links: Netflix, Indie, Hulu Notes

Yes, I should be working on my syllabi.  But a few recent news stories keep distracting me (and I’m not even ready to start thinking about that Apple tablet thingie): ... read more »

three 12 second films

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Games, Learning, and Society 5.0 Talk: Analyzing Race in Games

Last week I attended the Games, Learning, and Society conference.  I also presented a talk there on a panel entitled “Representations of Self and Other in Games” which was a pleasure because it was one of the few explicitly political panels at the conference. Given the educational focus of the conference and the large attendance by designers and educators, much of the dialogue was about how to design educational games and the consequences of learning in gamespace. ... read more »

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Teaching Transcoded Race in Videogames

In the past when I have taught race in videogames for my freshman composition classes I have had a hard time explaining how to push beyond representational critiques of racial signification. Naturally students are more adept at analyzing the visual presentation and iconography of race in games than breaking down the more subtle and technical ways race is coded into gameworlds. ... read more »

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The Media Library in a Post-Disc World

Repost from Just TV


I’ve read a number of articles like this one, speculating on the potential future of the Blu-ray disc as media platform in the wake of online delivery of HD content. ... read more »