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A Constant Process of Not-Falling

The primary bit of awkwardness involved in not-blogging is the transition to once-again-blogging; there’s guilt and embarrassment, and an overwhelming need to explain where one has been and what one has been doing. ... read more »

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Networking the Field

Hi, my name is Kathleen Fitzpatrick. You may remember me from such conventions as the MLA, and from articles such as hey holy cow Stanley Fish wrote a whole bunch about my book.

Ahem. ... read more »

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Things I Am Writing Instead of Writing Blog Posts

  • Grant proposals!
  • Reader’s reports.
  • Email.
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Do the Risky Thing

I’ve got a new column up at the Chronicle this morning. ... read more »

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The Never-Appeared

I’m thinking that I’m going to start a new publishing project around here, based around a cluster of essays that I’ve written for various collections that hav ... read more »

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A Case for Narrating Gameplay

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CFP: "Notes, Lists, and Everyday Inscriptions" Cluster in ...

The New Everyday, a MediaCommons Project, invites proposals for a special cluster on

Notes, Lists, and Everyday Inscriptions

The grocery list: scribbled on the back of last month’s electricity bill, or stored on the Treo, where it’s conveniently organized by supermarket aisle number. The to-do list: filling the pages of a breast-pocket notepad, or scrawled in bleeding ink on the back of your hand. That minor epiphany that struck on the subway: transcribed to a Moleskin, or translated into a Voice Memo on the iPhone. ... read more »

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Back at It

I’m deep in a funk this morning, and am having a hard time yanking myself out of it.* So I’ve decided to overcompensate by writing a bit about something that actually is going well: getting my p ... read more »

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Winter Reading: New TV Industry Blogs

Thought I’d emerge from the dark chamber in which I have been hiding, working on revisions, in order to note some recently-launched blogs that are worth checking out. (Links to all of them have been added to my blog as well.) ... read more »

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Um… Is This Thing On?

Oh. Hi there! ... read more »