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Out in Public

I was driving home from the opening of Natalie Bookchin‘s amazing multi channel video installation, Now he’s out in public and everyone can see with fellow “video artists” Rachel Mayeri and Anne Bray and we were commenting on how hard it must be to make something that eloquen ... read more »

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Writing Values

If you were required to make a video for a class that would get the most hits in a small amount of time, what qualities would you strive for? “S**t Girls Say at Superbowl” won just such a contest with a paltry 1400+ hits (when my students did this four years ago they got to 100,000 because, we can agree, YouTube was smaller then and easier to game). This year’s winner was timely, funny-enough, pretty well done, meta to YouTube, and socially-networked: ... read more »

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Comments as Writing

My course, Learning from YouTube, advertises that all class assignments take the shape of YouTube videos or comments, hence pushing and challenging both the constraints of web 2.0′s platforms for higher learning, while at the same time, asking higher learning to take better account of the ways, places, and forms where learning occurs in 2012. ... read more »

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YouTube 2012

Yesterday I began my fourth incarnation of Learning From YouTube. Welcome class of 2012! Since I began the project in 2007, there are quite a few differences for both YouTube and my class about/on it. While I named some of those changes here when YouTube turned 5, I’ll enumerate some new changes for our fresh beginning. ... read more »

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Social Movements, Social Justice, Social Networks

I was recently interviewed for our college radio station, KPCC’s show “UpRoot: A Public Affairs Show.” The other interviews are with student activists and activist professors. ... read more »

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Power’s cool use of force

Look at the video. The students sit calmly, surrounded by chanting supporters. The masked perpetrator walks calmly to them and like a house painter would a wall, blasts them with pepper spray. The near serenity in his gait, in his gesture, speaks to an ease with which power asserts itself through violence. The very relaxed air is almost more chilling than the thought of the pepper spray burning the eyes. ... read more »

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Digital Storytelling: Where the Experts

I teach a course, Visual Research Methods, for Cultural Studies at the Claremont Graduate University where I push graduate students who have made a career of paper-writing to express their intellectual work about visual culture, visually. Even as the course provocatively pushes them as individuals out of their comfort zones of expression and audience, it also begs larger questions about field formation, training, authority, the use, ethics and scale of academic work, and its normative vernaculars, media, and modalities. ... read more »

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Afterthoughts PerpiTube

On Friday we spent a fruitful day discussing some of the ideas raised by, work made for, and communities engaged within PerpiTube. ... read more »

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PerpiTube Symposium

11_NIC_Perpitube_Flyer (please feel free to distribute, or better yet come… Panels will be taped and put on YouTube, of course.) ... read more »

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Re-Organize Our Future?

The second section, Isolation/Connection, of PerpiTube, my show with Pato Hebert, has ended with an uplifting set of provocations from Jutta Treviranus, Director of the Inclusive Design Research Center: ... read more »