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Mogul is De- and Re-Mobilized

I’ve worked with, written about, and been a fan of the work of Susan Mogul for quite awhile. ... read more »

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Documentary Dıspatch from Turkey

I have been tourıng Istanbul, wındıng down on wındıng roads from the jam-packed Vısıble Evıdence conference (on documentary). I can’t do justıce to the many strong panels I saw: testıment to the solıdıfıcatıon of documentary as a fully fledged fıeld (I helped start the conference as a graduate student and I remember we dıd so because the few people always talkıng on documentary at larger fılm conferences thought we mıght be able to buıld a more serious and sustained dialogue if we could learn from each other). ... read more »

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For Neda: Verite in Context

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Contractual Mayhem: On the Absurdities of Moving from Paper to ...

I am currently negotiating my contract with MIT Press to “publish” my “video-book” about YouTube this Fall. ... read more »

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Lady Professor Sings the Blues

My last post skirted the issue, saying I was “too busy” to perform my professorial labors properly: the hard work of “unpacking” lady Gaga. Ha. ... read more »

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YouTube at 5: What’s it to you?

You probably watch it more than you did (15 mins/day according to LA Times.)

You notice there are more ads, both before videos, and scattered around the page (yet they still haven’t figured out how to really make a buck).

Your favorite video has a better chance of getting pulled due to copyright infringement (thank god for YouTomb!) ... read more »

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The Failures of Fred’s Fans: For Youth Media Symposium

This is some of my talk for “Sensory Communication: Expressive Culture and Youth Media” at UCSD, April, 2010.

I will also present it to my CGU Cultural Studies Graduate course, Visual Research Methods, as an example of new media scholarship on “digital storytelling” and hope they will respond with some tough questions and insights that track some of the ideas of our course (so make sure to read comments!) ... read more »

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Praxis at Carnegie Mellon: Yet Another Blogged “Talk”

This is most of my talk for an upcoming Symposium, New Media: Theory, Practice, Power for Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for the Arts and Society focusing on creating fuller interaction across the arts and humanities (the pages I will show at the talk from my YouTube publication, currently under review so also under wraps, are not included in this blog entry). ... read more »

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Learning from Huffington Post College

I was pleased to be informed by a staff member that Learning from YouTube was chosen as one of the “ten coolest college classes” by none other than the Huffington Post. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that this honor proved to be in the spirit of CollegeHumor only, but I would have thought better of the HP as CollegeHumor already successfully mocks stuff, it doesn’t need a grown-up knock-off. ... read more »

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Generic Movie Trailer

Both Jim Emerson and Jonathan Gray have mentioned the extremely funny “Generic Movie Trailer,” which parodies conventions from Oscar-bait movies. ... read more »