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Dance your PhD contest (one of the parallel universes of YouTube)

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“And then there is…the postmodernists, lets call them, who know that Comte’s postings are fake but like them anyway.” Joan Acocella ... read more »

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No More Potlucks
presents: no. 4 Juillet-August
theme: “copie”


The Increasingly Unproductive Fake
Alexandra Juhasz

Dump Gay Marriage Now
Yasmin Nair

Getting Messy and Complicated with Dana Inkster
Dayna McLeod ... read more »

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On the “Susan Boyle Experience”

I think Virgina Heffernan is really smart, and look forward to her weekly NYT columns. However, I take some small exception to her recent thoughts on the “Susan Boyle Experience.” She writes: “The great subjects of online video are stunts, pranks, violence, gotchas, virtuosity, upsets and transformations. ... read more »

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Yvonne Rainer on YouTube

Saw Yvonne Rainer perform at Redcat. Her second dance was Spiraling Down: “this new work draws inspiration from a variety of sources–newspaper photos, soccer moves, old movies, classic modern dance, ballet, Steve Martin, 19th-century actress Sarah Bernhardt, even Rainer’s own disinterred dances from the 1960s. ... read more »

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On Iran Vérité

I’m a fan of Digital Poetics. I support his (and many bloggers) committed support and relay of people-made videos coming from Iran in the face of heightening censorship and oppression.

However, I caution on his page: ... read more »

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Music Video Remakes and Fair Use

The following post is a truncated version of a paper I’ve written and plan to submit to conferences and publications soon. For an unrevised draft of the paper, click here. For a playful YouTube video I made for the community of producers on the site, click here. ... read more »

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Dueling Banjos

I get this eerie, bored feeling that internet scholars play but don’t listen. Myself included.

Where boosters see roses: See Howard Rheingold, Vernacular Video in Culture and Education. ... read more »

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On Watching Bad Video

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