Design Charrettes as Pedagogical Method in a Multimedia Design Course

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TitleDesign Charrettes as Pedagogical Method in a Multimedia Design Course
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2009
Conference NameACM SIGDOC 2009
Conference LocationBloomington, IN

Communication design students working in new media or digital media fields require training in the design process to create powerful and professional projects. However, even though collaborative design work is common in media industries, many graduate courses are not structured to allow collaborative work in the classroom. In this paper, I present design charrettes as a pedagogical method that stimulates and supports collaborative student design work. Design charrettes are intense periods of design activity most commonly associated with architectural and environmental studies. I have adapted design charrettes in order to achieve particular learning outcomes in multimedia design courses. This paper is a theoretical reflection on using charrettes to teach the design process. The pedagogy behind my use of charrettes is informed by socio-cognitive learning theories. In my multimedia design courses, graduate students participate in charrette activities to experience the design process, to collaborate in project-based design activities, to seek a range of solutions to design problems, and to gain mastery of design research techniques.