Duplication of Efforts?

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I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. Or maybe I have…I did a search to see if I’d already posted about it but couldn’t tell if I had. Anyway, I’m interested in talking a little about the Computers and Composition Digital Press. At first glance, they seem similar to MediaCommons, though I know that some bristle at the “press” analogy for MC. Both are affiliated with the Institute for the Future of the Book. CCDP is closely aligned with rhetoric and composition studies, and MediaCommons is not discipline-specific, though there is some association with television studies/popular culture. What are the similarities and differences between these two enterprises? It might help us think more about MediaCommons if we answer that question.


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very interesting

Thanks for posting this, Clancy; I hadn’t been aware of the CCDP (despite the if:book affiliation). There’s definitely an overlap between digital rhet/comp and media studies, as can be seen in the CCDP’s editorial board. I’m currently exploring the possibility of collaborations with projects including ETC Press and digitalculturebooks; it would be great to pursue some kind of collaboration with CCDP as well, both to avoid duplication and to build on our strengths…

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f2f meeting

It would be cool to get the editorial boards of both projects in a room together, or some of them, anyway. I know that’s a big group to pay travel expenses for.