Games, Learning, and Society 5.0 Talk: Analyzing Race in Games

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Last week I attended the Games, Learning, and Society conference.  I also presented a talk there on a panel entitled “Representations of Self and Other in Games” which was a pleasure because it was one of the few explicitly political panels at the conference. Given the educational focus of the conference and the large attendance by designers and educators, much of the dialogue was about how to design educational games and the consequences of learning in gamespace. It was interesting to compare the investments of these approaches to my own more theoretical and politically radical concerns. But more on this later in subsequent blogs.

Those of us presenting on my panel were tasked with offering our thoughts in a micro-presentation format that translated into a provocative but often frustrating six minutes and forty seconds per speaker. Unfortunately, I had prepared a longer talk and had to trim my content down to three minutes since I was co-presenting.

Therefore, I went ahead and recorded the full length version of my talk.

Link to video.

You can also view the presentation itself here.


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Thu, 18 Jun 2009 07:46:29 +0000