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Salma Abdelaziz In an incredibly tense moment Egyptians use their famous humor to lighten the mood and find out Liz McLellan RT @: RT @ If somebody can find a shirtless pic of Mubarak on Cairo Craigslist this thing will end peacefully today mattyglesias Mubarak really looks great for his age. He could probably make a bundle selling lifestyle advice books. Josh Marshall weird 2 see how prominent leader of national uprising in ME country has active twitter account @ Daniel Gilmore @ Slavoj Zizek weighs in on Wyclef Jean If u on the streets of Egypt tweet me!! Imma retweet the movement on the ground!!! monasosh The least the world could do for Egyptians now is allow us free entrance to any country wtout the burden of applying for a visa :D Liz McLellan RT @: Uninstalling dictator COMPLETE – installing now: egypt 2.0: █░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ monasosh Unbelievable the metro driver is cheering wt the horn, ppl are dancing & screaming in the metro station pourmecoffee Perhaps what people of Egypt did will give courage to Katie Holmes. Salma Abdelaziz BREAKING: Switzerland freezes suspected Mubarak Financial Assets monasosh For everyone taking the metro home, mark out “mubarak” from metrostations plan & replace it wt “martyrs” walter kirn Now Egypt has done for modern civilization what it did for ancient civ. I’m calling this Osiris Friday. the sad red earth RT @: Photos: Celebration in After Mubarak Steps Down //Historic images. Andy Carvin RT @: this is most euphoric young crowd I have seen sinced overthrow of Ceauşescu during 1989 Romanian Revolution Roger Ebert A letter to Egypt from a Filipino: Learn from us, and do better. Heide Kolb : People helping in the midst of a crisis- how you can help via @: @ Frank Conniff What kind of crazy foreign policy allows a dictator to be deposed without a long & costly war? Get it together, Obama! Ana Marie Cox Paul applause line: “We need to do a lot less a lot sooner, not only in Egypt but around the world.” Wyclef Jean The movement!! Let’s go!!! RT @: @ PROUD TO BE EGYPTIAN!!! The streets are ALIVE with freedom!!! Heide Kolb R @: @ protesters under attack! Police use live ammo on demonstrators NOW. Please RT! I wish I could somehow save all of the tweets I sent and received the past weeks. This is my diary What can we all do to make help sure they’re archived? RT @ I wish I could somehow save all of the tweets I sent and received.. tedfriedman tedfriedman Students & scholars: this is history happening right now. Twitter didn’t cause this, but it’s part of a positive feedback loop. Take notes! tedfriedman If one was going to pick the medium with the most influence on , wonder if it would be SMS, web or satellite TV? tedfriedman tedfriedman My guess would be the most influential medium helping to create #Egypt #Jan25 has been satellite TV – specifically Al Jazeera. Noel Kirkpatrick noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick But it all started with the telegraph. tedfriedman tedfriedman So if Al Jazeera is the NGO which has done the most to make possible, credit not just the medium of sat TV, but the journalists. Lakshmi Jagad lockslocks Lakshmi Jagad Agree. tedfriedman tedfriedman Likewise, to the extent Twitter has helped accomplish this (hard to judge in the moment), credit not the medium in itself, but the tweeters. tedfriedman tedfriedman This is where I part ways with Object Oriented Ontology – I always want to look back to the human roots. Who’s karma’s on the line? Andy Carvin I’ve tweeted more than 600 times today. And yet people keep following me. What is wrong with you people?!? :-)

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