Islington people attacked by the police. Activist Suzanne Jeffery & councillors speak out.

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Message from my activist colleague Corine Dhondee about the heavy-handed tactics she witnessed by the police when secretly filming protests at the council building.  We might look at what is happening in Libya today and say we are lucky and have nothing to complain about, but I feel we must protect the freedoms that we have today, as if we take them for granted and let our freedoms erode and don’t defend them, then tomorrow if they are all gone, it will be too late to complain.


Message from   Corine: 

Hi all can you share this pleases? Some of my friends were attacked. I filmed this and edited it.  I think it’s the first time I’ve seen councillors speak out about police brutality and people’s right to protest. I know some students don’t think they have the legal right to protest. The media have done a good job. So if we can get this out that would be great. I didn’t have permission to film so can’t get it out to the ordinary platforms. Thanks Corine.

Sham politics – as councillors vote on £50 million cuts the people of Islington are attacked by police. Activist and councillors speak out about the police and council’s response. Please watch and share. 4 mins.


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Tue, 22 Feb 2011 07:28:12 +0000