Keep ‘Midsomer Murders’ a white only drama

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“Midsomer Murders producer suspended over race row

The producer of ITV1′s Midsomer Murders has been suspended after saying the drama “wouldn’t work” if there was racial diversity in the show.  Brian True-May, who co-created the series, told the Radio Times the long-running drama was a “last bastion of Englishness” and should stay that way.”

Quote from BBC news story – see full story here.

Well I have to say I agree with Brian True-May, but for different reasons.  If there were black people in the show  they’d more often be portrayed as the murderers.  It is actually refreshing change in media representation to see so many murders portrayed in white only affluent rural communities, and not only ‘gritty urban settings’ as seen in other more stereotypical drama.

So I agree with Brian True-May,  Keep Midsomer Murders white only.  It works better that way.  Contrary to popular belief, this actually makes the drama more radical as a result.

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Wed, 16 Mar 2011 08:13:25 +0000