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In my final year of law school, I was required to comment on a paper called: “How to Subvert Democracy: Montesinos in Peru”. Montesinos was the Head of Intelligence in Peru in the ‘90s, when Fujimori was in power. Once I read said paper I did two things- I followed up on a hunch and read a few essays by Umberto Eco, from Five Moral Pieces (yes, he is the first person I turn to solve all and any of life’s dilemmas); and I watched a debate on “national security” on television. My hunch was that the capturing of the media by governments isn’t “subversion”, it is evolution. To quote Timothy Garton Ash’s modest (by, say, Chomskyian standards) evaluation of the situation in Facts are Subversive:

Politicians have developed increasingly sophisticated methods to impose a dominant narrative through the media… From teledictatorship, via telerevolution, to teledemocracy.


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