Occupy 2012

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At some point on New Year’s Eve, round about the moment that Patti Smith was adapting The Who to “Occupy My Generation,” I got an idea. I would undertake a durational writing project that would reflect and engage with Occupy every day in 2012. The New Everyday becomes what’s new every day. So I have a new blog called Occupy 2012. It’s a way of saying among other things:

So this is where I’m writing and posting. For the Right to Look, which reflected on the amazing events of 2011 from the perspective of my now finally published book, will live on as a Scalar project that will try and pull together the various threads into a more coherent whole. For example: the anti-nuclear activism in Japan that followed the Fukushima disaster was instrumental in creating Occupy Tokyo. The day-by-day format of the blog makes it hard to follow such connections, while the non-linear possibilities of Scalar open up new insights.

So this is just an invite to the MC community to pop over to Occupy 2012 from time and time and I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the project.