Roxanne’s Revenge – the need to hold multinational corporations to their word!

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I found this on the PostBourgie blog and wanted to share it. All about how Roxanne Shante, who shot to fame in the 80s at the age of 14 as one of the the best rappers in the world. She held her record label Warner Bros to their word that they had included in the small print of her record contract, which said they agreed to pay for her education, assuming that a young ghetto child with stars in her eyes would never come knocking for any tuition fees. Well years later, after court battles getting the Warner Bros to honour their deal – (after she was left with very little royalties from her music career as a result of the unfavourable contract terms of the deal she was locked in to) – she now has a PhD and is a respected psychologist. Inspirational!

A Luta Continua! (The Struggle Continues!)

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