Welcoming New Leadership and New Proposals at The New Everyday

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I'm pleased to be taking the reins from Nick Mirzoeff as Coordinating Editor of The New Everyday, MediaCommons' "middle-state" publication for the exploration of our mediated everyday existence. Nick launched TNE three years ago, and since then we've enjoyed clusters of insightful and timely posts on new political forms and modes of civic engagement, new practices of looking, new instantiations of the timeless "banality of evil," new challenges facing our educational institutions, and new practices of collecting, organizing, and making media.

We invite you to take a look at our refreshed "About" page, where we address our goals and interests, and identify ways that you can take part. And we encourage you to consider proposing a "cluster" (which is what we call our special issues), or submitting an individual post. For more information, see "How It Works." 

We look forward to exploring the continual evolution of our "mediated everyday" with the MediaCommons community.

Shannon Mattern
The New School
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