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Thanks to all who attended my Worldcon keynote, “Affirmational and Transformational Doctor Who Fan Videos.” I promised to link to the videos I showed, so here goes.

Censor clip

From “Fury From the Deep” (1968), with Oak and Quill launching a toxic gas attack against Maggie Harris. It may be found on the DW BBC DVD Lost in Time: Collection of Rare Episodes (2004).

Fan-created reconstructed videos of missing eps (recons)

  • Clip from 2000 Loose Cannon colorized recon of “Marco Polo” (1964) on YouTube (my clip was the start of “The Wall of Lies”).
  • Clip from 2008 WhoSprites recon of “The Smugglers” (1966) on YouTube.
  • Clip from drwhoanimator recon of “The Smugglers” (1966) (same bit as above) on YouTube.
  • “The Omnirumour: I Want to Believe” by Leon Hughes (2014) at YouTube (fan vid regarding rumors swirling around the 2013 finding of missing eps).

Titles and trailers

  • “Doctor Who Original Concept Peter Capaldi Intro” by Billy Hanshaw (2013) on YouTube (credited by BBC as inspiring Twelve’s opening titles).
  • “50th Anniversary BBC One Trailer” by VG934 (Dom) on YouTube.
  • “Rain” trailer by John Smith (2014) on YouTube.
  • “Rain” trailer VFX breakdown by John Smith (2014) on YouTube.

Fan music vids

  • “Take On Me” by Greensilver (2010) (no link provided; google it to find it).
  • “Handlebars” by Flummery (2008) (no link provided; google it to find it). Part of the Test Suite of Fair Use Vids.
  • “Papa Don’t Preach” by Greensilver and Eunice (2008) (no link provided; google it to find it).
  • BONUS VID! “Wholock” by John Smith (2013) on YouTube (and VFX breakdown here).

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