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Who Will Stay and Who Will Go? A Look at the Numbers

A pause from the reviews now to look at the new show’s numbers, and to discuss what those numbers tell us about the past five days, the “first official week” of the Fall season. After the fold …
Looking at total viewers, and both ratings and shares for 18-49 year-olds (ie: the people broadcasters care the most about) for all prime time shows this week, I think we can say the following: ... read more »

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New Shows, 5: Mercy, Eastwick, The Forgotten

More reviews after the fold, with comments on gender in Mercy and Eastwick. I’m running out of ways to say things are mediocre to piddling, though …


Mercy ... read more »

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New Shows, 3: Accidentally on Purpose, The Good Wife, NCIS: LA

Three degrees of meh. Reviews after the fold …


Accidentally on Purpose ... read more »

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A Few Wednesday Morning Links

As I catch up with the new shows, some links: ... read more »

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How to Sell a Guilty Pleasure: The CW and Its Posters

As I wait for more new shows this week to review, and as I find myself with little to say about the Emmy winners, largely because I agree with or can accept almost all victories (especially Michael Emerson. yay! About bloody time), let’s take a time out to look at some of the extratextuals surrounding the new shows: ... read more »

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New Shows, 3: Community, The Beautiful Life, Flash Forward


Continuing with the reviews, after the fold …

Community ... read more »

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New Shows, 2: The Jay Leno Show, or NBC is Tyler Durden


Yes, Jay gets his own post, because NBC thinks it’s worth five other shows. Below the fold … ... read more »

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New Shows, 1: Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, & Glee

While living in New York City, I enjoyed attending the Paley Center’s new show sneak peaks each September. That’s not so possible now, in Madison, but instead I’ll be reviewing the new shows as I get around to watching them off my DVR.

Let’s start with The CW’s Melrose Place and The Vampire Diaries, and FOX’s Glee, after the fold…

pics1 ... read more »

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Spam with your Television? Advertising, Paratexts, and Laziness


I’m variously annoyed, depressed, and amused by spam. Annoyed because, well, it’s annoying. Depressed because it can only exist because some doofuses actually click through (“Do I wish I had a ‘trouser beast’? Why, damn it, I do! I’d better click through and buy me some of those pills, so that tomorrow I wake up with one that will, as this ad promises, ‘scare the neighbors’”) and thus it reminds me both of how stupid some people are and of how stupid many people think we all are. Amused when its inappropriateness can only be met with laughter. ... read more »

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