The Cinema World, made of what? or made of who?

Curator's Note

It’s a puzzling challenge for any festival organizer to have a trailer the audience will be seeing without feeling harassed even if having attended 20 or more screenings in a few days, all of them opened by the same images (and sounds!). Very few find a decent answer. Among those who did is Richard Pena for this year New York Film Festival. Because what it designs is puzzling enough to keep you curious even when attending 3 screenings a day during 2 weeks: to draw a possible map of "the world aoteur cinema, in a way that associates countries (which countries?) and director names (which directors), in a specific order, with a specific dramaturgy. The music rising synchronized with the the mutation from carefully selected names and countries to quantity data as the individual elements turn into a globalized world builds a climax feeling which could be questioned in many ways. One of them being: what would the same trailer concept but for Pusan, Shanghai, Hongkong, Jeonju, Cindi, Goa, Trivandrum, Manila, Singapore or other Asian festivals look like?


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Asia's cinematic universe

I wish we had a clip structured in a similar way for the Asian festivals that you mention within the next year. It would be great to see what references they would choose to make, perhaps suggestion what their cinematic universe comprises of.



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