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Mattie Tanner

I think you bring up some very interesting points, and I agree that Tyra continually enforces her presense in ANTM (it is her show after all, so perhaps that’s why we let her). However, in regards to your point about how Tyra’s efforts to have us reconsider aesthetics etc., I wonder if Tyra’s own background/career and look in modeling might automatically discount her in some minds. Because Tyra is a beautiful model, this fact, although I’d hate to say it, might rule out any efforts she might make about having us reconsider women’s bodies and aesthetics. 

Kim A. Knight

Definitely. I would contrast this to the judge’s treatment of Preston and what they see as her instability because she can be aggressive. We had to cut this scene from our video clip, but just after Nigel Barker praises Preston’s blog post, he warns Franca Sozzani about Preston’s temper.  This is just as "authentic" as when she cries during the motion editorial but because this does not align with their portrayal of docile femininity, it is criticized. 



Rachel Silverman

Media scholars focusing of Reality TV have been particularly critical of how shows often construct women as "authentic" and "feminine" based on their willingness to cry or even become hysterical on camera. Considering this idea, what do you make of Harvard’s "authenticity" in her music video? Do you think the scene of her crying about the making of the video combined with her big eyed, emo-sounding video about her family create the exact type of " authentic femininity" producers want?

Rachel Silverman

Glad you enjoyed the piece. It was a fun one to write and the Facebook pages in use continue to be fascinating spaces for inquiry. 

Per your question, yes a decent number of the Occupy folks look to be fans of racing and riding. However, it is hard to say whether or not they are working-class conservatives as Florida attracts a lot of retirees. It is a pretty transient area and community of people living here, and the line between lower-middle class beach bum, former hippy and NASCAR fan can be a hard one to draw. What I can tell you is the group doesn’t seem to have many natives. In other words, I dont think the Occupy movement is reaching the people here who need it the most. 

the timeline of occupy chicago
Raechel Tiffe

I think the question of if and how to translate a non-linear narrative is such an important one. Thank you for this really interesting piece. Leaves me asking lots of questions…..

car spray-painted with text: OCCUPY AMSTERDAM
Raechel Tiffe

Thank you for this post! We actually struggled a lot with the use of the term in Minneapolis, since much of the city is on Native American land that was occupied by white settlers. The Occupy MN group actually went to a Dakota organization to get permission to use the language before an official campaign began. A Dakota elder spoke at the first rally in support, acknowledging the importance of reclaiming language. 

Thanks again, this was really interesting.

Raechel Tiffe

Very interesting! I think the Occupy movement is going to be an extremely important example for scholars interested in social movements and social media, as it’s proven to merge to the two successfully, as you demonstrate.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’m curious if you’ve noticed some of those "NASCAR/Bike Week"-types in attendance at Occupy? Occupy MN has some of the most diverse groups of protesters I’ve ever seen, and I’m wondering if this movement will finally make working-class conservatives realize that conservative ideology is not in their best interest…..

Amanda Ann Klein

That’s a great question, Raechel, one which I could not address in the limited space of 350 words! By "pure occupation," I am referring to taking over a public space for an extended period of time, night and day. The movement in Greenville is currently too small to support an extended occupation, particularly since most of the active members are college students (who have to attend classes). And I have also heard people mention that the local police are quick to arrest and use mace (I have no idea if these claims are true or not, I just know that at the meeting I attended, a few people mentioned that protestors should be very careful).

Thank you for bringing up the concept of "metronormativity." I do think it is easy to underestimate what Greenville is capable of (indeed, I am guilty of it myself), but the city and its residents continue to surprise me. The actions of the Occupy Greenville movement are one such example.

Raechel Tiffe

Interesting stuff, Amanda, thanks to you too for your insights. I think there’s some cross-over in our posts…The "small" things that each of the individual Occupy movements are actually really powerful, concrete actions. I’m curious what you mean by an inability to "support a true occupation." Do you doubt the support or the ability to have some kind of "pure" occupation? What does that look like to you?

I’m also really interested in the urban/rural divide. Judith Halberstam has some great work on "metronormativity" that sort of describes the fiction of the "progressive city" and the "backwards country." She’s writing in terms of responses to non-normative gender (e.g.: queer folks get murdered in the city too, not just nebraska), but I think there are some parallels about the assumptions of what a "sleepy town" is capable of.


Amanda Ann Klein


Hi Raechel

Thanks for this thoughtful post. I also find it interesting that this rally, which had so many participants that some people had to set up tents outside, did not get much press coverage. Has there been any coverage of other local events?

I really like the point you make at the end your note — that perhaps the lack of coverage is related to how difficult it is to conceptualize what is going on with the various manifestations of the Occupy movements. It seems that these movements are taking different forms, depending on where they are located and what that particular community needs. In Minneapolis, the focus seems to be foreclosures coupled with the prospect of a cold winter.

Looking forward to the discussions this week.