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Andrew Scahill
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Assistant Professor
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University of Colorado Denver
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Andrew Scahill is an Assistant Professor in the English department at the University of Colorado Denver. He was previously an Assistant Professor at Salisbury University and Assistant Editor of the journal Literature/Film Quarterly. In 2010, Dr. Scahill received his PhD from the Radio-Television-Film department at University of Texas at Austin, where he also served as a Coordinating Editor for the film studies journal The Velvet Light Trap. Dr. Scahill’s work as a whole focuses upon genre and reception studies, with particular interest in youth representation and queer spectatorship. His book The Revolting Child in Horror Cinema: Youth Rebellion and Queer Spectatorship (Palgrave Macmillan 2015) examines the fear surrounding young bodies in revolt, and asks what pleasure the unruly child may offer for the queer spectator.


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