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CarrieLynn D. Reinhard
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Assistant Professor of Communication
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Dominican University
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I was fortunate — immensely fortunate — that upon completing my Ph.D. at Ohio State University, I was able to secure a post-doctoral research position. I was contracted by the Virtual World Research Group at Roskilde University in Denmark (consistently the happiest country in the world) to apply Sense-Making Methodology to the study of how people engage with and utilize virtual worlds. From the fall of 2008 to the end of 2010, I worked on a quasi-experiment to understand and compare the sense-making strategies people employ when they engage with virtual worlds and other media products. You can find the published works from this project in Publication Links. While there, I worked on other research projects, and even won a virtual world television quiz show.

When my tenure at Roskilde University came to an end, my time at Dominican University began. I began teaching at Dominican University in the fall of 2011. During that time, I have created six courses, traveled to numerous conferences, overseen student research projects, won grants for a Nintendo Wii-U and a 3D printer, and worked on numerous research projects. I was selected to be a Borra Technology Scholar, the co-chair on a task force to investigate improving Dominican’s online and blended course offerings, and the first Undergraduate Faculty Liaison for Dominican University Academies of Learning Technologies. I developed and currently oversee an interdisciplinary Social Media minor and oversee our departmental online and social media presences.


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